My experience with Boji stones

A number of times I saw people see me as a "believer", as someone gullible, maybe still under the influence of a religious education... or anyway they won't take seriously my arguments against naturalism, maybe not because my arguments are poor (they can't measure that and won't even try to) but just because I try to argue against naturalism, such arguments must be wrong by definition. If they were good arguments on that side, they think, science should have discovered that since long...
Well, science is a process, and every scientific discovery being a discovery, it must be of something that was not known before, by definition. So, something not being "officially" recognized yet, does not mean it is not worth checking. Especially if that is in a field with few skilled researchers until now. While I agree with official science about the truth of Relativity, Quantum physics and all about climate change, I see other fields where official views go wrong by lack of skilled researchers....
Now about the supernatural, while I did know its reality since long from diverse good reasons: recently came another evidence, somewhat more striking and simpler to follow... but still takes some time to report in the necessary details. That is my personal experience with Boji stones, which I will tell below. (I know I'm not an exception at all : millions of other people have their own supernatural experience just as strong and valid as mine).
Still I don't hope to convice anyone, since I don't think it is really possible to convince the unconvinced, so why the f**k shall I do it ? Well, good question. Maybe, I'm just socially crazy after all. I just don't care. Indeed, when I see people calling me gullible and convinced they have some lesson of critical thinking to teach me (ignoring how I have been a champion of critical thinking, though again a super social loser by that very sport), well, sorry, stop wasting your time: my conclusion on the topic can never change by the virtue of any more critical thinking you might teach me. Because I finally got such an experience that makes it even more straightforward than before : it is not by any kind of error or gullibility that I believe in the supernatural. I did clearly experience it in my life, with such evidence that does not depend on trusting anyone.
As I said, I don't hope to convince anyone, because of course, a big logical possibility remains: the logical possibility that I'd be a liar myself, having made up what I'm reporting. Well, of course... I know that very well, and I have no solution against that. So, logically, some people can react by regarding me as a liar or hoax teller. I just don't care. It is their problem, not mine. But gullible or anyhow mistaken as the explanation of my belief in the supernatural ? Well, since I clearly know it impossible, so just for the masochist fun I'll share my proof now by reporting what I saw and experienced.

The most amazing times of my life

In a life full of depression, emotional suffering and desperation, I had a few amazing times. Just a few, but in big contrast with the rest of my time. Here they are in chronological order (not trying to compare their importance).

My first time of great amazement was the time at age 16 when I succeeded to understand General Relativity. After managing in the previous weeks to define the ingredients of the Einstein field equation (components of space-time curvature and stress-energy tensor in a given basis), one night in my bed for hours instead of falling asleep I managed to put them together by writing the equations relating them, roughly from the reasoning presented there. Of course there has been other good times around my diverse explorations of maths, physics and some programming (the Mandelbrot set...) but with not so great intensity. Then was my long, absolutely devastating period of mental slavery in these academic concentration camps "for the elite" called "classes prepa"...

The second time, was when I visited the municipal garden of Rouen... nothing special you may say, but what made it special is that, I was rediscovering life and the beauty of flowers there after 3 years I mainly spent, just a few hundred meters from that garden, in the hell of classes preparatoires, those academic concentration camps for young people having the misfortune of being fond of science in a society for which reacts to this gift of nature by some assumption of absolute "need" to undergo many years of mental torture just for the sake of "proving" oneself to the eyes of fucking stupid administrators, as if I gave a shit.

The third time, I happened to get out of depression for a period of few months as I was in Paris during my studies (at ENS Ulm then Jussieu)... I was then hyperactive and very excited... it was mainly without very concrete "reasonable" cause, though it roughly coincided in time with one clearly valid cause of amazement : that having followed a course of mathematical logic I was in the process of putting together my understanding of it. But then I fell again into depression worse and worse during my PhD. Unlike previous times (when it could be mainly because of that stupid academic system around) that time it was roughly exclusively because I was still single which really isn't a decent condition of living.

My forth amazing time was... as I had a girlfriend. But it only lasted for about 10 days, which made me feel well for just a couple of months after this.

Then I slowly fell back to depression which became worse and worse, caused not only by loneliness but also by my devout Evangelical Christian faith which I desperately kept trying to preserve but which was progressively crumbling. I believed I had to worship God but I just couldn't, because of my depression and the desperate absence of all kind of help or confort from above. According to the doctrine it had to be my fault regardless, so I felt guilty but yet this claim did not fit with my experience (I couldn't see it fair). I progressively accumulated a few observations of wrong things in the claims and behaviors of churches around, yet I was not sure what to do of these observations : I thought some change was needed there, yet if I tried to speak, people didn't understand. My tried of making sense of things from a Christian viewpoint appeared more and more hopeless. All my thoughts, my ideas, my understanding of life, felt more and more senseless until all my thoughts, the universe, life and everything, seemed to be nothing more that a huge pack of hopeless absolute nonsense.

At last once reached that point, I could leave my Christian faith like one can leave a bus after it crashed in an accident. And that was amazing: the great liberation of my intelligence. At last I was free. After spending so many years in never fullfilled expectation of some divine revelation that would explain to me the hidden reason of things (as I thought other Christians had, though they actually don't, now I know they only vainly call "divine revelation" and "meeting with God" some stupid nonsensical feelings or calls to spend their life spamming their faith around, devoid of all meaningful sense and understanding), finally I experienced an amazing revelation, from... my own natural intelligence. I suddenly allowed myself to acknowledge the many bits of understanding which I had accumulated in the previous years, and which I previously shamed myself of as sorts of sins and wrongly labelled as "nonsense". And to let them put themselves together like pieces of a great puzzle of a new amazingly clear understanding of life, and of why and how Christianity is so terribly wrong. But it was a complex puzzle. One of the rare times that I felt my intelligence beneficial to myself, while there must be many other Christians whose faith similarly crashed but who could not rebuild themselves after this ("religious trauma syndrome")

Still it was not all great: apart from purely intellectual matters I was still suffering depression, due to loneliness, disgust of having wasted so much energy in Christianity for so long, disgust of all the misjugement of Christians who neither could nor even tried to understand anything of all what I finally understood, but so foolishly accused me of having betrayed God.

The relief did not last for so long. I started teaching mathematics at university, wasting my time in the service of that fucking absurd academic system, and at the end I had to stop it for depression. All people around kindly pressured me, for the sake of the wonderful administrative position of socially assisted person that was offered just for my case by the nice French social security system, to accept following all the fuss of regular visits to psychiatrists, who turn out to... lie to me and hide to me their diagnosis of absolute insanity which absolutely required to trick me into swallowing the most devatated pills they could find to irreversibly destroy my brain for the rest of my life and turn me into a vegetable. And they succeeded, after almost one year, for the precise time when I clearly said I absolutely did not want anything that might have any long term effect. Once again, another of the expressions of my natural but always foolish and undeserved (as experience already demonstrated to me over and over again) temptations to believe that humanity around could anyhow be gifted of any kind of vital minumum sense of civilization, at least so as to not behave in some of the most barbaric, cynical, wicked,... simply diabolical ways exceedind the wildest imagination of all horror film producers of the world combined, was awfully betrayed.

So by 1 pill, for 2 weeks it was absolutely horrible. After that I turned out to go somewhat better, but still not well. What was worst to me : suffering loneliness or that brain damage ? I thought loneliness was still the worse of both. Still that brain damage was quite bad. For many years I suffered that, feeling like but the shadow of myself: a continuous feeling of heaviness of brain, a sort of fatigue, it was somehow painful thinking. For example, especially trying to concentrate when there was noise around, felt unbearable. Still I kept working to develop my texts of maths, as, what else of life could I do ? Commit suicide ? Indeed, why the heck did I keep enduring this hell of a barbaric humanity doing everything to persecute me, I wonder. So : most of the work in this site was done while I was just feeling like the shadow of myself, suffering this brain damage which was authoritatively inflicted to me by the French institutions. You want the state to promote science and the best teachings of science that is by works like mine ? The best way for this is to tell them to cancel all expenses supposedly for this purpose, close all academic institutions, fire all professors and all psychiatrists ! Yes, seriously, such a measure could save many geniuses from the systematic destruction of their lives by these institutions as I endured.

And the last amazing time of my life, was my experience with Boji stones

Meeting with the magic man

August 2017. As I had done many times in the past, I was at a conversation meeting in a cafe, where people just come to chat and make new acquaintances. After just a short chat with others if I remember well, I was just resting on a chair in silence, still tired as I often was, and a rather old man who I never knew before, who was at the next table, also participant of that meeting, stood up and came in front of me, at about one meter distance. While I stayed still in my lazily sitting position, simply looking at him and hardly ever moving, he started talking to me. With his eyes often closed, in a state of concentration in front of me, keeping his position of standing at a little distance to me, he was diagnosing me, reporting the diverse things he was perceiving from my body. He reported them pointing to the corresponding parts of his own body by "mirror image" to mine.
Some of the things he said did not correspond to anything I could know or feel, but others did, covering a nice deal of what I knew. Here are the main things he told which did fit what I knew, as I can remember: Nobody else could know the first 2 points of the above list. While some people did know the last two, it would be quite unreasonable to believe he could have heard of that from anyone.
Meanwhile I stayed mostly passive with only few reactions. As he showed the point on the side ("There is a point there"), it took me at least one second to realize it was the position of my broken rib as I was not thinking about it, then I replied "Yes I had a broken rib there" or the like. At a moment that he meant to end his examination, I told him "You did not see everything." So he resumed his state of concentration and reports a while more. This report may not suffice to contain the full justification but it clearly appeared to me that the correlation with what I knew, of his observations which he clearly could not know by ordinary senses, could not be explained by chance.
Once he finally stopped, I told him: "You did not see my 2 broken shoulders ! But that is big !" (in one of them I was operated by an insane surgeon, so that I have big metal stuff inside the shoulder, which remained a sort of trouble, fortunately less than in the fist months). He confirmed that, indeed, he did not see them, as they no more "appeared energetically", as it was long ago enough (the last one was from more than one year) for the stuff to be finally "closed" there, though for me it was still something important.
We discussed that point on the side of my head (maybe already before the end of his review). I first let him try to guess what it was, but he could not decipher that himself, so I had to explain to him, that it was a chemical damage from a psychiatric drug taken long ago. He claimed that it was possible to "wash" that by his Boji stones. To me that sounded incredible, as since a long time I had lost any hope of a possible repair, because I kept suffering it since a very long time. For me, things/humanity are only great at causing the most awful disasters without any possibility of repair, and there could be nothing able to ever repair that, as it had always been like this in my life. Yet he insisted: a true medecine exists, so in the face of his confidence I accepted to try, especially as he did not ask for money, I had nothing to lose trying. So we fixed appointment for Boji session.
Many times when he would ask questions to spirits, such as the question of which stone would someone need, for how long and so on, or whether a Boji session for someone is finished or how long would it take more, he often uses a pendulum made of his collar with a stone which he otherwise wears.

Boji sessions

He claimed that he had the chance to have some of the most powerful Boji stones in the world, and which were specially well "married" in pairs. He had two pairs with him. One pair, bigger and more round ones (a picture of quite similar ones I can find on the web is this), I used 4 times in August. I used the other pair, a bit smaller and with sort of distorted shape, after a 2 weeks pause and many times since September, as he no more had the first pair which he had left to somebody. These are quite heavy stones for their size, so they are visibly made of some kind of dense material. The "male" ones appear to have big cubic vertices of metallic crystal.
To say in short, sessions usually happened in the morning, consisting in just comfortably sitting half laid, meditating in an armchair, holding the stones near the belt, with possibiltiy to fall asleep. At the beginning he was there for introduction, then he left (to play video games in his room). As he said "the stones help you to relax". He said that, even from the other room, he could feel when the the stones would "finish" their work so it would be time to stop.

In the 4 times with the bigger ones, the session lasted each time for a couple of hours (while it would last for shorter times (like half an hour or one hour) with the other pair in august), and these took place roughly once every other day (thus for 1 week in total), because, as he explained, the stones continue working for about 2 days after each session. The first day, I did not notice any progress. The second day (so as there was no session that day) I started to feel a bit better in my left brain, though it was not so clear yet. After the second session (not sure when I started noticing the effect), I really felt much better in my left brain, so that I felt my left brain as much better than my right brain !
I left the 3rd session like a resurrected person ! I rediscovered the feeling of having a healthy brain, a sensation of "normal life" as it was for me before my adventures with mad psychiatrists but which I had lost since so many years ! That really was one of the most amazing times of my life. Still the situation was not perfect, because it was well on each side of the brain but with still a trouble in between, on the interface between both sides of the brain. The 4th session resolved that last aspect, letting the sensation more homogeneously well throughout the brain.

The result of the first pair's work was, thus, that I felt healed at 90% or so for my sensations, except that the effect of trembling of jaws which was another manifestation of the neurological damage, was still there, seemingly not diminished. So when the man invited me to resume sessions with the second pair in the beginning of september, for a remaining needed work which according to his pendulum, would take about one month, I hoped it could act on this last aspect. However in contrast with the clearly beneficial effect of the first pair, after a few sessions I had doubts that the second pair, while it was clearly active, was indeed beneficial to me, while the man insisted they were, as if they were "designed for" me. Example of how it once felt that seemed somewhat worrying to me : once I had such a strong sensation during session, it was like a very big pressure on some part of my brain. Not a mechanical pressure of course but some kind of chemical pressure, a pressure of fatigue or sleepiness, but that time it was stronger than other times. Then I kept a sensation there for maybe one day or two, a sort of footprint of that pressure I felt, like if someone stepped on your hand for a few minutes you would keep feeling the sensation of smashing for some time after it was gone.

The time of sessions itself did not feel comfortable, however, even if the physical disposition of the body was as comfortable as possible with eventual times of sleep. Because the Boji are working, for a cure, and it isn't supposed to be more tasty than other medicines. Usually, from the time of taking them, one in each hand, it very quickly (in the second or maybe a couple of seconds) starts by a sensation of some kind of "energy" in the hands, or in one of the hands, the one on the side by which the Boji "decided" to start their work. Precisely, this feels like a kind of swarming, or electricity. But I'm rather confident that it cannot be explained in terms of electricity as we normally know it, despite the metallic character of the stones, because the configuration of things and the mode of propagation of the sensation do not fit with the normal laws of electric conduction as I know them. From the hand(s), the "energy" sensation propagates through the arm and up to the brain in a time that may be like 30 seconds, but may also be faster. One time I thought, the delay may correspond to the time it takes for the blood to circulate and "carry" the "energy" with it, and this might actually be the time and mode of propagation in some cases. However other times it seemed to go quite faster, not letting this explanation suffice.

In the long run as I got used to the sessions with the second pair, he left me to notice myself when it ends. Indeed sometines this is quite clear feeling : it does end at a precise moment, while other times the end is much more unclear and progressive. Sometimes the session follows a schema in 3 phases: in a first phase, the "work" happens on one side of the body (either the left half or the right half ; I especially notice that for the brain, but it probably goes the same for the whole body), then moves to the other side (the sensation of energy on the first side stops while it starts on the other side), then after some time it moves back to the first side, then it stops completely. That is the way it happens "as the boji decide to work" by themselves while I stay neutral, not doing anything about it. Sometimes the man was there perceiving the work of the Boji in my body, especially in the first half minute of the session. When he reported perceiving that the Boji were working on a certain side of my body, he was generally correct (as it fitted with what I was already feeling myself immediately before he said). There can be different variations from this 3 phases. Sometimes it seems to work equally both sides. Sometimes the last phase has less intensity, staying like undecided whether it keeps working or not. This lateralization of sensations, when it occurred, did not follow either my expectations nor my will, but purely its own "decisions". I do not remember such a lateralization (asymmetry) of sensations from any other circumstance of my life.

Among the many sessions, there has been 2 times when I felt no work at all, or almost. By contrast with the habbit of feeling their energy the rest of times, I was almost surprised to have these stones in hand and not feel from them anything else than if it was... just ordinary stones. This inactivity may be caused by the saturation of having had more frequent sessions in previous days.
Other times I was surprised of how quick and strong it starts. For example as he gave me the stones in their leather pockets, letting me go by myself to the living room and take them out of their pockets for the session, I have been surprised when grabbing them, to already feel their energy in my hands as they directly come to tickle my hands through their leather pockets while I wasn't ready (I didn't have in mind) to start the session yet.

While the "normal" way is to have the "male" boji in the left hand and the "female" in the right hand (but it actually doesn't matter, as he explained), one time, once they were taken out of their pockets on the table on my right, I grabbed the "male" stone by my right hand as I intended to put it immediately from there to my left hand for the session, but I didn't even have the time to do it, that it immediately "grabbed" itself my right hand with its energy... well of course nothing could physically stop me from going on to put it to my left hand if I decided so, but I thought "well okay as you wish" so I kept it in my right hand and took the "female" on the left. So this started the session on the right side, and quite strongly so.

Sometimes the "energy" sensation was rather weak or ending, so it seemed to be running into an end of session or a weak kind of work. As I did not want to either end nor keep waiting without significant effect, I undertook to "forcefully" restart the session by putting the stones on my neck instead of my belt (the man never mentioned to me such a method). This has usually been effective, though not instantaneous (quite less instantaneous than the sensation in hands at the start of session): after about 20 seconds holding them on the neck I started feeling some kind of heaviness in the brain as a result. Of course, in the times of sessions when the stones were on the neck, the resulting sensations of working energies were usually more focused on the brain and other upper parts of the body than when stones were in hands at the belt, even if the sensations on the brain could also be often strong in the latter case.

End of september, I had a dispute with him, which made me interrupt the sessions. I hoped that it would be okay as that the one month period he said needed was passed but 2 weeks later I felt not so well anymore, as if the whole benefit of the stones was going away and I had the impression of falling back to the previous situation of fatigue and heaviness of the brain. I wondered if somehow the Boji behaved like a drug, making me dependent of them. I came back to him, he claimed that it was normal that there is a lot of work needed that takes a long time, and that the boji cannot be a drug anyway... even if it may be logical, as some people do, that I get my own stones for life.
Effects can be quite strange. Among other aspects of behavior and variations from the above mentioned 3 phases cycle, I would say I experienced a sort of cyclic behavior a bit similar to the cycle between sleep and wake, like a car can go to the garage for repair then go out for normal activity, so "sleep" means a feeling of heaviness in the brain, that a work should be going on (but may be stalled), which should be for the time of session, while "wake" means feeling okay. But that is a cycle of "wake" and "sleep" that goes on quite independently of the normal one. It is a cycle that turns at "high speed" during the session, i.e. when having the stones in hand, such as one change or cycle per half an hour, or per hour, but very slowly the rest of time : the state in which I was left when ending the boji session may stay roughly unchanged while day and night can pass with their regular wake and sleep cycle,but it may take several days to evolve along its sort of cycle as long as the boji are not used. Different parts of the brain may be in different states: there can be a sensation of heaviness in a precise spot of the brain, may it be on top or some inside part, so it will stay like this with slow evolution (such as growing in size) along days and night without the boji, but evolve much faster with the boji.

After restarting the sessions after the 2 weeks break of the first half of october, I continued at a similar frequency of once every 2 days until the end of december (and some of the above described experiences are from october-november). The last ones felt more clearly like a "cure" than previous ones, that is, I felt significantly better in december, especially quite healthy near the end of december, and even more especially as a result of the last session, than in previous months. So as I stopped, my worry was whether this healthiness would remain, unlike what happened in October (when I felt the bad sensations coming back after two weeks). I remained well for about 2 weeks, so I was optimistic: I seemed going quite better than in october. Then bad sensations of heaviness came back, but not so much. It is variable, I just need sometimes more time of rest than if I was perfectly healthy, but finally (now in the end of january) I can say I'm not as well as in the end of december, but anyway still much better than before August.

More discussions

Like me, the man doesn't care about social codes. He doesn't care how I look nor how he looks, though he insisted I need to care how I look if I want to have chances to find love, even if I don't like it. He openly declared his laziness and lack of seriousness, such as, he sometimes went to Tibetan Buddhist camps but, lazy as he was, he would never have committed for long term discipleship there. He explained having a very boring life, so to kill boredom he did lots of OBE in the past and developed his experience with stones and finding which stone may be good for whom, a skill which he thinks may have started in a previous life already.
We had disputes, which made me leave him twice without saying goodbye. His main problem : while he does have a lot of exceptional knowledge thanks to his extrasensorial perceptions, he fails to have a sense of his own limits, he cannot understand that he may be wrong. Like many other "spiritual" people, he believes that one of the biggest troubles in the world and in people is arrogance, yet, as I noticed, such people making an obsession on what they think is a problem of arrogance in others, are usually the ones suffering it in themselves. When I discussed this with one of his friends, I had confirmation, of this which others notice in him and he is the one not noticing : that he makes the mistake of easily accusing people of arrogance, which is but the mirror vision of his own. His mistakes go on without correction as he cannot accept criticism. Whenever I disagree with him and (of course) he does not understand why, he directly blames me of either my poor communication skills or my arrogance, he cannot believe that I might have any good reason to think something just because I cannot convince him in 2 minutes.

He told me stories of experiencing the effects of stones on other people. This isn't what influenced me to believe in the reality of the power of these stones, since of course a logical possibility remains that those stories were invented, but I think they were real because of context, not only my reasons to see him as sincere because of diverse things which I have no time to develop here, but more precisely, the strength of my personal experience of these stones as described above is for me the clearest proof of the reality of their supernatural power.
One time was with a very materialistic friend who had just done a marathon, so that friend was completely exhausted physically, and came to sit together. Not believing in the power of these stones, he was simply given the stones in the hands, without any further comment. He then felt those strange sensations in the body, and was puzzled at that. After a moment, he found himself completely rested and well : all the fatigue of the marathon was gone. And that made him angry. He was angry, shouting "No, don't tell me it's the stones !" or the like. The funny thing is that it was not a reply to any claim : the magic man was simply silent and watching all that time. And amused at this reaction of "skeptical" anger against not any claim of his, but only against the concrete experience of what the stones had just clearly done by themselves.

In another conversation, he explained that there was a period in the past when he did regular OBE while life would have been otherwise very boring to him. And it is from these regular OBE that he finally developed his extrasensorial perceptions which I saw him practicing. This event of developing ESP as a result of regular OBE is something I heard from another person (in media reports): the case of Nicolas Fraisse.

Some news, about two years later

My use of Boji stones lasted for about one year and a half. In that period, no more using them usually resulted in some bad sensations from the original troubles coming back (though less intense than originally) slowly starting about 2 week after the stop of use. But after about 3 months without use then using again just a few times, the last time making wonderful sensation, it turned out I remained very well for several months. Then progressively bad sensations slightly came back and I started to worry because I had no more the opportunity to meet that man again to use these stones. So I started to seriously worry what I could do, maybe try to buy some boji stones from an online market, not knowing how good they would be...
But a surprise happened. A friend gave me a stone which physically looks very different : "Tiger's eye". Surely it has a very different chemical composition. However I felt essentially the same with it as I did with Boji stones. And it is quite strong. I guess not all Tiger's eye stones have the same intensity of power. But the one I have now is very powerful. In the first couple of seconds I grabbed it I felt its energy in my hand, so quickly as it felt kind of disturbing I passed it to the other hand and again felt its energy there...
The effects are so similar to those I experienced with Boji stones I would not be able to make the difference. As it is only one stone instead of a pair of stones each held on a different side, it does not change the side of effects by itself, so having it in one hand produces an effect mainly in the half of my brain on the same side, then to make it act on the other side I just need to move the stone to my other hand. Of course I can also take it with both hands together, in which case it acts on both sides simultaneously. It also makes a very nice healing sensation on the heart or around (which I had also sometimes felt with the Boji). That makes me confident about the worrying bad sensation to the heart which originally happened from the drug.
I might compare my situation to that of a drug addict. I cannot really know how similar it really feels as I never tried any popular addicting drug. Yet in that ignorance I cannot tell the difference either. Just like those making an injection to the vein of their arm, the substance first invades the arm then in the minute reaches and "shoots" the brain. This is kind of the same I'm regularly doing, taking the stone in my hand to feel its energy invade first the hand then the arm and the brain in the minute, except that there is no syringe, thus no pain and no damage to any vein, it is completely free to use as much as want, and completely legal...

About scientific testing

As I once mentioned these things to a skeptical contact, the reply was that it could be either radioactivity or placebo.
Having no familiarity with any possible sensation from radioactivity (which I later heard to actually be making no sensation at accessible doses...), for the sake of eliminating any unnecessary question mark, I then visited a radioactivity study center with this stone, they put the gamma ray detector on it, which it made it clear that this stone has no radioactivity at all (the displayed number even went down to 0.04, versus 0.05 away in the air...).
Now remains the question of eliminating the placebo explanation. To make it "scientifically" requires to undertake some systematic methodology with blind conditions and many tries guessing if a magic stone is there and where, to produce some statistical data.
So I tried (including with other Tiger's eye stones which may have less power, so it complicated the story) and I must admit I was surprised by the result : I failed. Still this cannot change my mind on the main fact, that this stone has a real strong magical power. I just clearly know it from my long experience of sensations in "natural" conditions, different from the conditions of a scientific methodology.
I guess it should still be possible to produce conclusive results in a scientific manner. It would just require much more testing and exercise to select the best working experimental details and to better interpret sensations to make reliable guesses, a kind of needed investment which rules it out of my personal priority tasks list. Some easy thing I can do is if I happen to meet a skeptic I can lend him this stone for a couple of days (but he must give it back later !!!), and for example challenge him to try sleeping with it for a night and then still telling it is only placebo if he can seriously dare. Well I cannot be sure if the effects on any other people will be similar to those on me but...
Indeed the effects on me of trying to sleep with that are quite dizzy. I only did that a couple of times and don't want to do it again because it feels too odd. It is much better to use in the morning when I can better focus and the goal is to get the brain clear, like what coffee is for. So I guess a much more conclusive scientific experiment can be made along these lines, but would require some expensive equipment that is probably hard to get : an equipment to scan the brain activity during sleep. So on a sleeping subject, putting stones at different times (does not need to be directly on skin, it can be on cloth) to see the effect on the brain activity, with a few times the magic stone to see the difference of effects. I guess this would finally make the thing much clearer from a scientific viewpoint, with a kind of details of what the effect looks like and to make it more unlikely to explain away by beliefs, beyond the mere "I feel something" which I admit to not be very convincing...

Adverse effects

As I said, the direct sensation may not look good, though it depends. There can be bad sensations, especially to feel some part of the brain becoming "heavy", a strange kind of sleepiness (so not equally between parts of the brain) but this is reversible either spontaneously or by another use of the stones. Yet I suffer one trouble which appears in my case in recent times to be an effect of these stones, which I first experienced one with the Boji, then again with this Tiger's eye : Tinnitus (I suffered this in my childhood and then almost not anymore for many years until it recently re-occurred by using these stones).