A list of causes of economic inequality

Some essays point out the figures of the huge and growing economic inequalities in this world, the fact that so much of the world is owned by so few people.
For example, Ends of History and Future Histories in the Longue Duree by Benjamin Pope

(Capitalism and Liberalism: An End of History?)
As noted by Thomas Piketty in Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century, the concentration of wealth at the top of present-day developed countries has once again reached the levels last attained in the Belle Époque of pre-1914 Europe. The financialization of the economy and the emerging class of ultra-rich oligarchs are leading to a situation where not only economic but democratic power is increasingly in the hands of an elite.

The problem is to understand the causes of these inequalities. Just blaming "capitalism" for these inequalities does not make any sense, because this word is just a confusion of so many different details of how things work now, including things that work properly and things that don't. The confusion of everything is a very comfortable view for simplistic minds looking for simplistic solutions of just breaking everything, as if it would help. This was carried by Marxism, with the results we know : ignoring the logical necessities of what is needed to make an economy work properly, and thus breaking everything, just results in a worse situation than the one initially complained of.
Seriously, the problem of growing inequalities requires careful analysis of its diverse causes.

The role of automation, and the nature of human intelligence

Technological progress replaces more and more unqualified jobs by machines, which increases the inequalities of salaries depending on qualifications, as only more intelligent tasks are needed. There is an irreducible component in the inequalities of qualifications, coming from the inequalities of innate intelligences between people, to which the inequality of salaries is becoming and more sensitive. There is nothing to do against it because intelligence is really needed for making things work and leading humanity forward !

Here are my philosophical reasons to see things in this way, related to the fact I don't believe in artificial intelligence in the way some do:

Even if human thought can sometimes be defective, and computing power can be extremely helpful for some tasks that human thought could not do, both abilities are anyway not comparable and there will always be a component of understanding and creativity in human thought that computers will never be able to replace.

A human job is an activity of processing data better than any known algorithm for some given purpose of human interest. And there will always be such cases.
Of course, computers are extremely useful and can still become more and more powerful and useful (they will keep replacing (automatizing) more and more current human works, and can operate a new online economic and political system as I plan) but can never replace them all. In particular there will always be human work in programming computers to replace more and more other jobs whenever they are somehow repetitive. Because the job of providing instructions for computers to assist the execution of other jobs, is one of the most creative works, that only thinking humans can do.

Still, the development of computers and automation will keep having huge impacts on the job market, of course.
While some current cases of inequalities between humans happen to be unfair indeed, the aspect of inequalities of salaries that is caused by the inequality of innate intelligence between humans is a necessary one that nothing can overcome.

List of other causes

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