The biggest Facebook security hole

Seriously. Over and over again I lose access to my Facebook account (, because of a huge failure in the minds of the Facebook security designers. What happens ? The problem is NOT that anyone ever tried to hack my account, as far as I can tell. No.
On the contrary, it is because of the PARANOIA following which the Facebook security systems were designed, which decide to continuously and insanely classify my activities as "suspicious", and as a result temporary disable my access to my account.

What do I do so wrong ? Well, I travel. I often change the place from which I try to connect. I wish there was a way to tell Facebook what is the next place I will connect from, so as to not see it suspicious when I will connect from there, but there isn't. Ah also, another fault (I guess, I cannot check), is that I don't have any personal laptop or smartphone, by the cookies of which Facebook could still recognize my identity despite changing my place of connection (I hate smartphones which are too small, while laptops are too big to travel with and they got stolen when I tried to have one). So, many times my account is temporarily blocked under excuses of "security" and "protecting" my account, while I never asked them to be afraid for me.

Sometimes I can unblock my account by passing some test, other times I can't because their identification procedures fail, and I am extremely bothered at how they oblige me to spend time passing some exams trying to prove my identity, and sometimes failing because the conception of these exams is absurd. And of course, just because I fail to prove in its stupid eyes that I am the real myself, makes the Facebook system proud of itself by concluding that my account was really hacked, as it positively "found someone who has my password and still could not prove authenticity". Therefore it insanely feels right and necessary to oblige me to change my password. There is no way I can make it go otherwise.

One option is to receive an SMS. It did work in the past but in the last months before writing the present page it stopped working : their SMS are not reaching me anymore, while those from Gmail still do. At the time when I am writing this page, this blocking was happening several times in 2 days : at one same place, twice I unblocked by successfully passing a test, and once had to change my password, and still it became blocked again after this !!!!! Maybe this happens under the excuse that at every session the computer is cleaned up from all data so that facebook does not remember me by cookies... next time I recover my account I will take note of the list of all people I recently wrote to, so I will succeed at this test then... you can do the same...

Trying the method of recovering account by changing password, password is changed indeed but the account remains locked.

Now the problem is I cannot do without Facebook as this is what everybody else uses. I have no way to stay in touch and find new contacts and events otherwise. I am now deprived of social life by this failure.
Please share the link to this page on facebook or any other social network, thanks !!!! I posted this issue in Quora.

In another Quora question : How to unlock a Temporarily Locked Facebook account?, the following comment appears:

I just had a friend of mine post this on my Facebook timeline:

Lars has asked me to write on his wall telling you all that he has been locked out from Facebook after posting a presidential Bernie Sanders video.

Lars is asked to verify his identity and change his password, only to get the same message about being "Temporarily Locked" over and over. Lars has a Master in Computer Science and would never, ever fall victim to a phishing attack. The so-called "explanation" provided by Facebook does not explain why his Bernie Sanders post has been forcefully removed.

Being stuck in this eternal loop of being asked to change password and still not being able to log in makes it impossible to read and answer Facebook messages, so you are requested to revert to last millennium technology of sending text messages. Thanks!

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All this system has nothing to do with security concerns, really

If they were really interested to ensure the identity of user (prevent the risk of hacking), they would have provided a very simple and efficient solution : sending a code by email. This at least is a reliable, non-bothering solution. It does not have the risk of not working, unlike SMS which may not be received, or other tests which may fail for diverse mysterious reasons... This email code done after logging in with password, can be considered double security.
They are actually offering email code a means of changing password --- that is doable for users who are so badly identified that they didn't even need to give the existing password !!!! with the only "securisation" that after changing password they are sending an email to warn about change of password, which might be so cancelled. But if a hacker had the access to the mailbox which is needed to receive the email code then he may as well ignore or delete the received warning (to not let the real user receive it), can't he ???
So, having nothing to do with security, two possible hypothesis remain.

One hypothesis, which seems to be a bit more likely to me, is that they really "wish" to be concerned with security, but are incredibly, infinitely stupid in doing so. Well, Facebook is investing many millions in Artificial Intelligence. As I have argued on the topic, Artificial Intelligence seems especially fascinating to the people in lack of any natural one. Maybe, before undertaking such investment, they would rather need to stop investing millions in Artificial Stupidity instead.

The other hypothesis is the sadistic hypothesis : the deliberate will to bother. Or at least, the total, absolute absence of any concern for the interest of users. Even though, they did invest work in developing those procedures, and they are actually losing opportunities of profit by not letting for a while people using their service normally with advertising space. And not only to bother by the actual waste of time, but to get on the nerves of people by proceeding in random, unequal manners : making it a matter of chance who is bothered and how much ; making it depend on such absurd condition that some users will realize that they could have escaped some punishment if only they had done something differently, such as configured some friends help in recovery, or taken note of the exact list of people to whom they wrote in the last 2 weeks.... not that it would have made genuine sense to do so, but just because, this happens to be working like this under Facebook's Dictatorship of Nonsense.

One nonsense is the mixture of possible causes for this temporary suspension of account : is it because of logging in from a new place, or for the fault of friend requesting a stranger who did not like it, or for no reason at all ? While I might understand that friend requesting a stranger who does not like it is a kind of fault which might deserve some kind of punishment, logging in from a new place should not deserve any punishment. That is a black box, there is no way to know. And whatever the true cause or fault may be, the punishment is the same, that is, random and totally unequal between users only depending on how they configured their security, matters of chance and other nonsensical conditions. If someone is faulty of friends requesting strangers, at least he needs to be informed of the nature of his fault to not repeat it ! and instead of being banned from internet which is a total waste, a mere temporary disability to friends request people would have been efficient and appropriate. But without explanation and without uniform appropriate consequence, there is no possible room for correction.

Let me explain further by a comparison with driving. Imagine a taxi driver who works all day long, all year long. For many years he served many thousands of clients without any fault. One day he does not pay attention to something and commits a little infraction. Something little, not causing any accident, but doing a formal detail wrong causing someone being afraid. For this fault, his driving license is removed. As a result, people in need of a drive will go with other drivers with much less experience, who kept their license just because driving much less resulted in less risks of having their driving license removed. Does this make roads more secure ? Of course it doesn't.
Now let us come back to social networking. Someone can have intense networking activity, with many friends, and be appreciated by many people. He may be volunteer to do great things serving people, like me volunteering to provide free initiation to theoretical physics. Driven by the enthusiasm of popularity he may forget being careful when contacting new people, so that someday he may commit a little fault such as friends request to a stranger who does not like it. If that results in being banned from accessing one's account, then it loses at the same time all the contact with many people with whom contact was initiated and appreciated, who were interested to meet. Does this banning make the world more friendly ? I don't think so.

Access finally restored

After 2 days without access and a lot of worry, the second day no more trying, finally I restored access to my account. How ? Just like happened one month before: that, for mysterious reasons, in the list of offered security tests, appeared the very much simpler method "Give your birth day".
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