Why I'm upset

(The below was written a few years ago ; in reply to the 2014 fqxi essay contest "How should humanity steer the future ?", a new text is now being prepared, that might be titled "On humanity's failures to steer itself properly" ; it may be ready near the end of January)

I have several big reasons to be upset.
They would be quite long to explain. It can take years to explain, because the nature of facts involved, even though they are huge and "implicitly well-known", is rather complex and does not fit the natural understanding abilities of most people - whose mind is so twisted that they cannot see what is right under their eyes, so that even the most simple and overwhelming situations that, in a sense, everyone knows, accepts and lives with, would at the same time, just if explicitly formulated, sound incredibly complex to grasp, incredibly paradoxical, so that for any report of the smashingly obvious dominating facts to be expressed and not immediately misunderstood and ridiculed by any straw man arguments, it would require large works of explicit review and refutations of tons of possible "natural" misunderstandings, that are awfully systematic, but that are of course very natural to commit, and I would seem like an awful monster if I did not admit that every decent person will of course make such misunderstandings, and they are "right" to do so, because "of course" no decent person can ever easily grasp and admit this incredible and awfully paradoxical combination of incredible facts. So they will of course be naturally "justified" to go away, stop listening, dismiss me as stupid and arrogant without trying to understand (thus remaining in fact themselves stupid and to ignoring the facts) and should not be blamed for it.
So I must bear... but nevertheless it is continuously devastating. And the problem is, I perfectly agree that the claims I have to do are awful and incredible. I fell this as hard as they do. But I even feel these things much harder and more incredible and devastating than they do. Because unlike them, I accuumulate the misfortunes:
So what is the problem. Or rather, one subset of the problems.
One subset among the most important subsets of problems, some things that have the advantages of being relatively easy to express, less personal (as, who cares about my life, really ? and who would be able to understand ?) and being of possible direct interest to any readers of this page.

(One of) the problem(s) is :
There are many big troubles in the world. Among them, the fact the planet is being destroyed with expectable consequences for millions of years because the political will to protect the environment did not emerge to any sufficient extent.

But a solution exists to a large part of the very diverse problems of the world. Clearly. It is right here. I found it. But nobody cares.
Of course, most readers of this page will think that this claim is not serious and has only an infinitesimal probability of being true. Because usually when someone makes such a claim he is deluded: of course, there can exist many people who delude themselves into believing they found a solution but they actually found nothing.
I'm not an idiot. I know General Relativity since 16. And more : most of the people to whom I presented and debated my solution to much of the world's problems, went out actually convinced by my arguments. Are they all idiots ? Of course not, I guess. Still they don't care. Not because they thought there would be any reason to think that it wouldn't work : it's not what they said. Of course at some time they could be not convinced yet, but if they kept discussing (without being dumb of course) they were finally convinced. They did say they were convinced, but, they really don't care.

So, I know that this solution is correct, not only because I know it logically, mathematically, theoretically, as any theorem among others in the world of mathematics I know rather well.
But also because nobody disagrees, with the main exception, of course, of... the so many people who just have no clue what this project is about, and are too lazy or stupid to bother understanding. They prefer the comfort of staying with their ideas, no matter how useless they are, going to let the world keep destroying itself, in its awful nonsense, cruelty and sufferings and destruction.
Do they prefer this ? Well of course no, from their own viewpoint, because they are not convinced...
They are not convinced about my project because they don't pay attention and don't know what it is about. Or assume that they understand, but they do it too quickly, while this is not any correct understanding.
They don't pay attention because they are not convinced... that it has any chance to be worth their attention.
This is a vicious circle.
There seems to be no way out.

If only a few people had cared, just maybe 2 or 3 people, to decide to spread the word, improve the ideas and description, and get programmers to make it (maybe looking for grants would be useful somewhere in the process but this is not the main problem), a global revolution would quite surely have taken place already.

Almost anyone could have done it. The world could have changed. Millions of troubles that people struggle with in the world could have been resolved already... if only a couple of people decided to do the right thing.

On the one hand I could convince thousands of people (during seminars or individual discussions), that is almost all those who paid attention (and had the ability to think - which was usually the case of those who came, who made rational debate, that raised rational objections to which I rationally replied WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM and they went out convinced).
On the other hand, even though they are convinced, they never care. None of them ever repeats the news to anyone else.
Why ? Because, well, in order to be able to tell anybody about it, it would take them an EFFORT because this claim is NOT TRIVIAL and it requires EXPLANATIONS to not be dismissed as a fool in reply.
And people, well, don't think they are the right people to provide any explanations. No matter that it is possible to refer to me (send me an email) so that I can reply and enter a debate, well, anyway, the problem is that any try to repeat the news to anyone without seeming ridiculous, would require more that 5 minutes of efforts, which is, well, usually, way too much for anyone to bother undertaking.

The result of this situation, is that despite the huge amount of time I already spent successfully explaining and convincing, and the resulting existence of tons of people that are convinced and that know that my claims are true, I remain COMPLETELY ALONE in this nuclear war against the intergalactic power of the mental passivity of all the rest of people, who again and again put forward their skepticism and still remain to be convinced.... and most of the time they go away unconvinced because they did not pay any significant attention. They just don't want to understand because there is no way for things to be explained to them as easily as they want.
I'm really fed up of succeeding to convince thousands of people for nothing.

One of the natural reactions is of course : "People in power won't like it !!" and "They are very powerful you know !!"
Sorry but if you understood the project you would notice that the "people in power" are just almost nothing. They won't have any significant means to stop the project... once started.
But the ONE danger, is the danger that the project might NEVER START.
NOT because of the existence of anybody "in power" or what ever, who would fight against it.
But because of the NON-existence of anybody ever bothering to help making it real.
The 1% of enemies are nothing. But the total absence of active participants is THE problem.

In other words, the problem is that there are mainly 2 kinds of people:
1) Those who can think
2) Those who have good intentions.
But, amazingly, those who combine both qualities, are almost non-existent.

Many people imagine that they want the world to go better, and that they dedicate a lot of effort for it. But their efforts are just purely wasted in stupid things, they will never bother to switch on their brain and start any genuine understanding of what solutions can really, efficiently work for this purpose.

Many other people, so, would be able to think, but cannot have any good intentions.
They can think, but only in vain, for futile, conformist purposes.
Some can be extremely, wonderfully intelligent, much more than necessary to change the world, but they have run far away from the problems of this world, and have no remaining bit of thought available to come to deal with the real problems. They seem... how the hell can I try to interpret this???.... either unwilling ? or unable ? of giving any significant thought to the question of WHAT topic, in the world, can deserve to be cared of by the intelligence they have.

Actually, this observation is very general. It is not restricted to the above consideration
(that of the specific set of solutions I found to the world's problems, for which I cannot grasp, not only why nobody cared to come to work with me for it, but also why nobody (who did not know about my findings), ever independently rediscovered and implemented these ideas (or any similarly good set of ideas) - because these ideas seem to me relatively natural, so I cannot see any significant difficulty why nobody could independently discover them, except for this incredible fact, that usually, intelligent people just cannot give a thought to the question of which problems deserve to be cared of.)

But, it is quite general, and there are many other striking examples of this socio-psychological phenomenon.
One of the big examples, is the academic system.
In a way, "everybody knows" that this system is largely nonsense, that diplomas hardly mean anything, that a large part of the time that pupils and students spend at school is purely wasted. But hardly anybody will give a thought whether any change is possible.
And so many people will keep pretending that "of course" following the system and trying to succeed exams and get diplomas, is the best thing to do of one's life, for one's own interest.
The problem is that, well, this may be "often" true, because it may be a fact that an overwhelming majority of students actually are mere zombies unable ever to give a sense to their life and to ever have a sense that there is something called knowledge that deserves to be learned. So that, for them, it is actually necessary to set up this zombie factory that will take the pack of pre-zombies entering on the one side, and manufacture them to make them become those professional zombie thinkers in condition to practice some intellectual activities in the service of the administration...
The problem is, what happens to the few others meanwhile ? I mean, that tiny, silent minority of individuals that nobody would care of, nor ever imagine they might ever deserve any thought, but, well, those few people to whom nature might have endowed with this incredible combination of characters: of both being intelligent and wishing their life to make sense ?
The fact is that, any attempt to try or claim that they would wish their mind to be free and not just be that kind of long-term (most of their life) slaves of that bureaucracy, would automatically be repressed and condemned by everybody around, insisting that they are "wasting their time" studying anything else than what is needed to pass exams...
All those well-intended people, of course, who fully behave as if they perfectly knew, with clear evidence, that it would be a clear advantage for anyone to just follow the system and dedicate oneself to the quest for diplomas, even if one doesn't feel like it.

They think they know... sincerely...
And they don't give any second thought to it, as if it was clear....
Their confidence in their claim/advice, is just as strong as the walls of a jail.
While the fact is that, the main reason of their "certainty" is their radical inability to imagine anything else (2 more explanations, i.e. bad reasons, can be given for this belief : the [cause vs consequence] hierarchy explaining the correlation between diplomas and ability to find a job, is mixed up ; many jobs are directly given by bureaucracy anyway). Their inability to conceive that the sense of life could ever be... to actually give life any more meaningful sense than that of defining one's identity by the quantity of diplomas one could acquire without ever wondering if these diplomas ever actually meant to make any sense.

Because, the actual fact being that most people actually fit with this, unable to give their life any other sense, what can happen to the poor minority of others ? They are doomed to be repressed, obliged by the rest of people to also define themselves by their quantity of diplomas, because nobody around is ever able to conceive anything else about how life can make any sense.

Another example, is : what happens inside the academic system.

The fact there are on the one side many intelligent researchers that can make wonderfully deep and sophisticated discoveries of "new results" but, quite often, its only interests the purely theoretical curiosity of a handful of peer specialists in the same field, but they consider this as the one and sufficient purpose to work for as this is what actually determines the progress of their career ; on the other hand they are teachers (that are even sometimes the same people) trying to teach the basics, and millions of students painfully trying to learn, but in ways that are largely sub-optimal, just because it is nobody's job to wonder if any better way of introducing theories is at all possible.
Can you imagine this ? Isn't such a situation just qualifiable as a world of utter madness ???? But this is the world we live in !!!!! A world where millions of people dedicate years of painful efforts for some assumed purpose, while it is nobody's concern to wonder if some of these efforts might be a waste, and whether there might be any more efficient methods to reach the intended results in less efforts !!!!!!!! Such a questioning work would not be as hard, in fact, as many existing research works. But it requires some boldness, some... mental sanity, the incredible boldness of having a sense of the general interest concerning what happens in the very world of one's work supposedly for the general interest. A boldness that is utterly lacking in the mind of most intelligent people.

But, this mindless teaching activity where everybody is just supposed to follow repeating the exact same things as others do without any question, is supposed to be the very activity that the most intelligent people dedicate much of their intellectual activity to !!!!!!!!!! and even if someone would dare to propose to dedicate some efforts and studies on questioning those methods and looking for better ways of doing, there is just no job for him in this world anyway !!!!!
Isn't that just mad to let things go this way ??????
When can these 2 sides of the "debate": finally have the decency to undertake a nuclear war directly against each other, instead of their current way of uniting the strength of their arguments for the same goal of persecuting by shame and ridicule, the miserable tiny minority of the few people currently smashed in sandwich between them : those who have the arrogance or misfortune of having this hopelessly absurd, incredible and hopelessly ridiculous combination of characters: altogether being able to think, and expecting life to make sense ?

You don't know about these 2 sides of this non-debate I am talking about ? So here they are:
Those for whom it is so obvious that going for a PhD is the most ridiculous thing on Earth, that any idea of having been pushed to this direction and then complaining of the waste, is the most ridiculous thing on Earth that might be mentioned. So ridiculous, that any claim to speak out about the existence of a social pressure to go to a PhD will automatically be censored as necessarily coming from a nut. Indeed here is a thread where I tried to speak out. My last message there has been censored, so here is my ridiculous claim that has been judged not worth being freely written in a public space:
This is so dumb accusations that are made to me.
I was serious and I always wanted to take responsibility for my life but I did not have the right to do so because the people around me never let me the right to think and take my own decision. This is their dumbness, not mine.
I am fed up of being mocked and accused for the fault of others.
Of course in a decent world people should be free and responsible for themselves.
But this decent world is not the one we live in.
Now I am held responsible for decisions made by others as I was not free. It is not fair to hold someone responsible for things he was denied any control on.
Of course I welcome the claim that people should be free and responsible for their life.
This is why I am now giving so much energy desperately trying to explain this to others.
But there are still many well-placed people who will never listen, cannot grasp this and that keep denying the right for young geniuses to decide for their own life.
So then please can you now come and help me fight this nuclear war against these natural disasters, all these dumb professors that keep destroying the life of the best minds, denying their right to choose their own life ? Your help would be greatly appreciated. But please don't forget to bring with you a few dozen grenades, machine guns and a lot of ammunitions if you aren't a coward.
to which someone replied (but this was visibly also censored)
"You say such stupid generalization, and then turned around at have the audacity accuse other of making "dumb accusations". I'd say that you have mastered the ART of making such accusations yourself.
Your bitterness towards how your life has turned out has colored your judgement on a lot of people. These "dumb professors" are the very same ones whose fruits of their labor you are USING this very second. You have benefited from many of the advancements they have made. So how do you repay them? By insulting them.
And then you turn around and somehow demand us to respect you?
From what I've seen, it seems that you got what you deserve."
Hum, what a fucking insanity is this ????? Do you see how insane ? This reminds me the wise remark by Greta Christina:
"Are you really looking at all of this shit I’m talking about, a millennia-old history of abuse and injustice, deceit and willful ignorance — and then on the other hand, looking at a couple of years of atheists being snarky on the Internet — and seeing the two as somehow equivalent? Or worse, seeing the snarky atheists as the greater problem? If you’re doing that, then with all due respect, you can blow me."
What I mean : which is the worst evil, between MAKING SHIT, industrially destroying lives and turning the world into the most indecent place to live in, or DARING TO REPORT and criticize the shit done to you by others, in hope that this report may someday help save other people from that shit ?
If you are sent to a jail of a totalitarian regime and submitted to torture for 10 years for no reason except your virtues, your life is destroyed, but then the mere act of daring to complain about what was done to you and how it wasn't right, would be THE evil thing (unlike what was done to you), making you retrospectively deserve all the torture that was done to you ?
I am not using the labor of professors. I only benefited a bit from the presence of a body of knowledge from a handful of geniuses from the past, but they are only a few, and they are not those who decided to destroy my life in these dumb concentration camps. They only had to live with the institutions, who are then ruled by the nonsense of all these senseless brutes who only pretend to incarnate science but this is fake. I learned much better in my free time with own calculations, even bypassing most works from the books I read. More details here.
I am regarded as a stupid shit just worth spending all my life in a psychiatric hospital by the French CSICOP-like people, just because I dare to disagree with their metaphysical dogmas and to criticize their methods. As I had criticized an article from the journal AFIS (on science and pseudo-science), who proudly claim that science proved miracles to be impossible because physics is deterministic, the author of that article wrote me, among other hopelessly dumb claims, the following:
"I think it is Einstein who said, there is no royal road to science and it is no use to bypass the useful studies, unfortunately very long.
But in your curriculum, I see that you are a lawyer and your path does not contain any scientific academic study.
You must go through the gauntlet university.
And you can catch up with this lack, lack of academic training. Because you can go to university at all ages and so you can spend your 3rd cycle doctorate and your state doctorate.
Meanwhile, I see you have a huge need for recognition, That you have a huge need to assert yourself endlessly against others
Suffering all these concentration camps against one's will, sacrificing one's huge need of discovering science which was best done in free time, to replace it by senseless academic torture, and then getting this famous PhD supposed to provide a recognition which I never needed in the first place - a total absence of need that I had desperately tried to put forward but that sounded ridiculous - I was just powerless in that nuclear war against my parents authoritarian decision to force on me that supposed "need" of recognition which I desperately wanted to refuse, because official teaching is such nonsense) just for being finally regarded as an idiot-not-even-able-to-study-science-at-university-but-invited-to-do-so-to-satisfy-my-desperate-need-of-social-recognition, by some idiots who don't even have themselves a clue about physics but are regarded by the media as the incarnation of scientific rationality, well... the fact is, their pretense to value academic studies is obviously a damn lie. It is just a vain excuse they cast for regarding as shit those who disagree with them. Their "academic criterion of knowledge" is not a genuine criterion, it does not refer to any reality, neither any reality of knowledge, nor even any reality of having effectively got that official paper. It is just an indirect excuse for them to consider that those who disagree with them are stupid by definition. An excuse by "taking degrees seriously" to be only believed by idiots, which they assume others must be. No matter that I really studied and really got a PhD, it makes no difference for them, they will never take me more seriously. Because they will never see my degree as a true degree, according to the No True Scotsman's fallacy.

I wrote more comments on other aspects of the same facts, here.

Something terrible, that once again upsets me (just one more little example of thing that upsets me among thousands of similar or worse occasions to be upset that I happened to face in my life) is the reactions I faced in that forum. The way people accused me of making hazardous, unjustified speculation. Actually, nothing what I said was original or different from what the established knowledge already says. I did not invent anything. But so many fucking stupid people on this planet just strongly want to ignore on which planet they are living, and cursed be the one who dares to go and try to inform them about it, even just reporting long well-established facts. Because actually the established facts are yet alien absurdities in the eyes of most people, who will just keep insisting that the current state of knowledge is something else which they want to believe it is, so that those who dare trying to contradict them must be mere arrogant people making baseless speculations and breaking the rules of politeness that are required to be accepted in a discussion....
Is it my fault if the well-know facts (but only known by the few informed people...) hurt the feelings of those who dominate some discussions and are just ignorant but cannot tolerate to be informed about their ignorance because it would be an horrible insult to them ???
If it is my fault then the right thing is to let them in their fancies, maybe ???
So I seem like an alien, a bad guy, the worst monster... just because I dare to report facts...
Here in particular, I indeed did something incredible, something alien, something whose effect looks explosive, absurd, hubristic.... what the heck did I do ? I just dare to do one little more thing than what most people usually do on the topic:
Usually on the topic there are 2 kinds of people
Those who have good intentions , here in particular : who worship the religion of science, have a blind faith in the idea that scientific research will surely have wonderful results, no need to wonder why and how. They have no clue about physics, but they believe that new discoveries in physics will surely be the solution to the world's problems. They care to refer to the official reports of scientists on their research, but are unable to correctly interpret what these reports really mean.
And there are those who actually reached the point to understand physics and no more say any stupid thing about it, but for this, unfortunately happened to lose the Earth planet from their sight, and to not remember where it can be located.
So, when I dare to try forming a sentence about noticing some elementary connection between these 2 disjoint universes, even the most obvious remarks taking the most basic truths from both and putting them together to see what it gives, it necessarily makes me seem like an alien in everybody's eyes, as nobody can understand what I'm talking about and nobody ever heard anybody else telling anything like what I say, they misunderstand and naturally accuse me of making baseless speculation.... and blame me for my impoliteness in noticing the f***ing stupidity of the nonsense I'm trying to refute.
I'm the bad guy here.
A similar scenario happened on another topic. And yet another, much bigger occurrence of the same situation happened to me in the past as concerns Nottale's "scale relativity theory"
How terrible is this world indeed.

Apart from all this kind of things, what more can upset me in life ?
Well... what makes me personally suffer like a continuous life-long torture : I already expressed a good deal of it on other pages. And there is even still one more awful thing on my life, that I also wrote elsewhere, but... I'm afraid it would be too much to add here.
All a huge accumulation of reasons to strongly doubt that anyone deserves my care to stay alive and continue my voluntary writing work. Because this life for me is an awful suffering. Not because I found important things to do. Not because I found solution to much of the world's problems and that it would be any trouble to work on its implementation. Indeed, working on it, is not really the trouble. People assume that caring for the world and trying to develop solutions as I did, must be the most painful and hard thing, and that forgetting and ignoring it, would be the solution to my pain. No, sorry it is not.
(About how "hard" it is, there is a misunderstanding that I can explain out in this way : how hard would it be for an animal to become a human ? Very hard indeed ! How much torture is necessary ? Well... of course, torture is not the solution to change an animal into a human ! So, being a human is not hard. Instead of any torture, it only requires... to naturally be a human. The same applies to "how hard" it is to discover the solution to the world's problems)

For me, the search and discovery of theoretical solutions to many world's problem (including my own if only it had been implemented) was not hard. Not painful. Instead, it was completely natural to my mind. What is painful, is to keep living in a world where such solutions were not implemented yet. Not only painful for me, but for millions of people too...who are just too lazy-minded to bother understanding that the troubles that currently spoil their life (or that spoil the world) are not necessary and that a global solution would be possible... if only somebody cared.
The solution is not the problem. The solution is potentially the solution.
Much of the problem comes from the fact that most people were too lazy to care if a solution is possible but followed the religion of believing that the solution to problems consists in ignoring the problems. In believing that problems don't exist just because they don't figure out how they can be solved, so that the troubles just need to be endured; and to never start wondering if a solution can be found, based on the assumption that problems don't exist, or are the norm. That the solution to problems would consist in just living in lie, pretending that there is no problem. That the solution would be to raise the shit that happens as the new norm, as God's will. Even for some, to worship their own ignorance and their own intellectual laziness with respect to any possible solution, as the supreme value. A supreme value called the sweet name of "Humility". What means humility : it is the pride of proclaiming that one is stupid, ignorant and unable to do anything good or great. And to proclaim that this ignorance, this shit, this misery, is the right way to live, that we should dedicate our life to worship and spread around.

For the crime of having cared for the world in such a way that I bothered and succeeded to analyze many problems and find the theoretical solution, some people accused me of arrogance.
Well, if this is the definition of arrogance, then I wish so much there were manier arrogant people in this world, who would have had the arrogance to understand and found and implemented solutions to many troubles that I have been victim of.

One more thing : I am fed up of the people who see me (or my project) in trouble, and come to give me advice on what I should do. Problem : why give me any advice ? Why can't they see the nonsense and hypocrisy of coming to try to give advice, as if any advice could be of any help ? Who do they think I am ? Do they think I am a stupid moron that cannot think and that needs someone to pronounce trivialities in order to get out of troubles ?
First, a general phenomenon is that most often, people who want to give advice, do it not because they know something, but because they know nothing and don't want to understand anything. They tell advice to pollute the discussion with their misunderstandings, and this way waste time of everybody and comfortably stay and ignorance, ignoring how ignorant they are. To destroy all possible chance of understanding under the noise of their misunderstanding. I'm really fed up with "advice" that are mere expression of refusals to understand.
My problems are not my problems. They are the world's problems, to which I discovered the solution, that just needs someone to care. Why the f**ck do so many people come to invent that there is any trouble in my own person, and pretend to care for me ? There is no point to care for me, because I actually don't care for myself. If I cared for myself, I would already suicided since long ago, as the only reasonable way to get out of the suffering and injustice I suffered.
Please care for the world because this is what I care for, and I am desperate of finding anybody to join this concern of mine.
Please don't just go away and punish the world by letting it suffer the non-implementation of my project just because there is something in my person that you personally dislike and don't want to face. This is ridiculous. Why let the world die in its problems just because you have any futile impression of trouble from one of my messages, because I have this or that feeling which you are not comfortable about? Total nonsense !
If someone has an idea what to do to implement the project or make it known, please, please, if you want to not be ridiculous, please understand that I have already cared much more than I ought to, and I cannot see why nobody else ever helps. That it is not my problem. So if you think you have an idea what to do, please stop making me guilty of not being Superman that will run over the world hundreds of times and follow any hazardous, irresponsible advice that anybody will give. Because it is not my problem. It is your problem. It is the world's problem. It is not for my life. I cannot see what I have to do about these problems that are not mine. I cannot find any good reason to keep caring for this shitty world full of morons and hypocrites. I already did my part. Now it's your turn. If you have ideas what to do, and if you are serious in believing that your advice is the right one, then you should have the decency to take the responsibility of your belief, and therefore go and work to apply your advice yourself. For example if you know who must be informed about my project, please go inform them yourself. It is not a big problem if you don't understand well my project yet: just tell people to visit my site and to contact me for any debate.

I have yet to find someone that deserves my care to stay alive and continue my work.
Or any good reason why I should keep caring for the world, or why I should bother staying alive.
I mean, any true reason. Not the usual kind of ridiculous hypocritical lies.

Wanna do a little bit of help ?

If you find this site interesting, you can help spread the word about it, to your friends, or across the web. If you don't know where and how, you can write to me and I can tell you some suggestions.
But here is already one possible suggestion : help to reference it on Wikipedia. You can have your own ideas of where it may fit, but, here are a few remarks about it.

There is a problem with the Wikipedia policy of which external links are acceptable and which aren't : that this policy is logically inconsistent. If you try to seriously apply it, it sometimes leads you to ridiculous nonsense.
Because Wikipedia is not supposed to be a place for scientific debate and decision, but only a place to report the information of what truth have already been established and which things already happened to be notable, outside it. This presumes that other places already exist outside Wikipedia to check things, and to select the good from the wrong and the worthless, that can serve as a reference making it possible for wikipedia editors to report this information there. In many cases indeed such other places exist, but not always. In other cases, the notability of things can be purely circular: people refer to something just because other people already refer to it, and moreover, Wikipedia being on top search results of so many words, is one of the main sources of notability. So everyone relies on others to make the selection, but nobody really checked, and the result is that the world is govern by rumors and the notability of something is purely accidental (or sometimes worse).
This is the very same phenomenon as described above (the negative correlation between the goodness and intelligence), and as I mentioned in my speech, about the division of work between those who inform and those who know.

Once someone asked me, something that pretended to be a question, but which was in fact the mere expression of a refusal to understand : "how else to do to decide what is worth reporting on wikipedia ?". Well, millions of people contribute to Wikipedia and they still have no workable method to decide what is true and what is worth reporting. If only 0.01% of the work now done by wikipedia editors was reoriented to the implementation of my project, then the solution would have been there. But nobody is interested... and some years ago, a number of wikipedia editors decided to delete the article I had created on this project... they have nothing better to do of their time, visibly.

So in particular here are 2 examples of how my wikipedia contributions happened to be absurdly removed.

... or a bigger one ?

To implement that internet revolution, I will need programmers, but if you are not programmer it does not mean that you should just ignore the issue altogether. Because if you have no point to care for it under that excuse, then why should not I take that same excuse to forget about it myself too ? since I am not a programmer either. But then this revolution will very stupidly fail to happen - or only a few centuries later, once the world will be destroyed and so many things there will be irreversibly spoiled, such as, the climate.
So, I need at least... to not be the only one on Earth with that project in mind and a desire to make it real. I need people interested to understand it, but not only that : who will also really want to do something about it, such as: to produce a clear and detailed description to explain it better and go inform more people about it. Well hmm I admit not anyone can help in this way, but only those people with enough intellectual abilities to possibly understand the project, which, unfortunately, does not seem to be everyone.
(contact me : trustforum at gmail.com)