Translators needed for mathematics courses

As you can see on this site, I'm working to write courses of mathematics and physics that will be among the world best (hopefully the best on the concerned topics, probably the most fundamental topics in these fields for the undergraduate level). Not for selling as books but just put them here online for free. And I wish them to be progressively available in multiple languages, still freely available here, starting from the first text on set theory and going further as far as these texts will be written, perfected and ready for translation.

As you can see, these texts have the advantage of containing a high density of interesting ideas per page, so that a relatively short translating work will suffice to make a famous document.

As I'm French I can myself provide the French version ; I once had someone for the Russian translation but no more now.

So I'm looking for volunteers or freelancers to translate it into other languages. I guess the best case is to have people with different native languages, doing the translation into their native language. So they can have their names associated with a popular site of free online courses of maths and physics; if there will be no volunteers in a language I may also pay something for the service.
I have one condition, though. I thought it was obvious but I see I have to specify it: the work need to be done preserving the html formatting. I do not accept pdf or MS Word (.doc and similar) formats, neither do I accept any result of conversion from Word to html, because of course such files are about 10 times heavier than needed, and cannot be easily changed back to a file with reasonable size. For more details before starting the translation work, please contact me and we shall see if an agreement can be found. Thanks !
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