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Theory Related Software
Wikipedia : Proof assistant (comparison table) - Automated theorem proving (with also a comparison table)
Some links to logic software
Educational Logic Software by the Committee of Logical Education of ASL

Formal Methods Education Resources Tool Pages
More resources in the Formal Methods Wiki


New Foundations (an axiomatic set theory with a universal set)
Homotopy Type Theory
Transparent Intensional Logic (TIL) is a system for the logical analysis of natural language, applicable in philosophy as well as cumputational linguistic.
International Olympiad in Mathematical Logic, a game for predicate logic (Java required).
Formal Methods Wiki
Is the Continuum Hypothesis a definite mathematical problem? and many other papers in pdf (or ps.gz) by Solomon Feferman
Mathematical Foundations Lecture Notes at the University of Manchester
Metamath Proof Explorer
Gregory Chaitin, well known for his work on metamathematics and randomness in pure mathematics.
The Alan Turing Home Page
Jan Willem Klop, mathematical logic, courses and notes
Dick van Leijenhorst
Richard Zach's papers
Open problems in logic
Mathoverflow : set theory

Hilbert's program

Hilbert’s program then and now by Richard Zach

Partial Realizations of Hilbert's Program (1988) by Steve Simpson
Hilbert's Program - Article from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Hilbert's Program Revisited by Panu Raatikainen (2003)

Formal Systems, proof theory

Formalized Mathematics by John Harrison

Formal Languages and Systems by Heinrich Herre and Peter Schroeder-Heister

Proof Theory on Wikipedia
Samuel R. Buss :
An Introduction to Proof Theory - lecture notes

Foundations of logic programming and deduction systems lecture notes

Introductions to logic and foundations

Set theory and the foundations of mathematics, in the present site.
Teach Yourself Logic 2016 A Study Guide
Beginnings of Set Theory
The Logic Cafe
Set Theory - Article from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
History of Mathematics
Mathematical logic and foundations in the Mathematical Atlas
Foundations of mathematics article of Encyclopaedia Britannica
Wikipedia articles : Foundations of Mathematics - Axiom - Axiomatic system
Foundations of Mathematics by Steve Simpson : publications, lecture notes and other course materials. Historical note :
Harvey's Foundational Adventures : downloadable lecture notes- downloadable manuscripts
Formal methods education resources
John Crossley 's "What is mathematical logic? A survey (PDF)" (including non-classical logics).
Russell's paradox : a short, a long and a very long article.
Burali-Forti Paradox : the ordinals do not form a set
Cantor's paradox : the cardinals do not form a set
Stanley N. Burris : A Course in Universal Algebra - Logic for Mathematics and Computer Science.
Some lecture notes by Onderwijspagina Jaap van Oosten
Some basic lecture notes on mathematical logic and set theory
Jouko Väänänen : " free online logic course. Anyone can login as a guest. After guest login, choose "Logic One" on the right of the screen." (videos with basic contents in long details)
Understanding Mathematics by Peter Alfeld at the University of Utah
Some notes on set theory
A high level course on logic and set theory
Fundamentals of Model Theory, a book by William Weiss and Cherie D’Mello, University of Toronto
Roger Bishop Jones series of short paragraphs : Logic - Formal maths - Formal methods - philo of maths - foundations of maths - philosophy of logic
Some notes by Don Monk
Lecture notes in German by Prof. Dr. Peter Schroeder-Heister
Blogic : a Web logic textbook online interactive logic tutor
Karlis Podnieks presents an Hyper-textbook for students "What is Mathematics: Gödel's Theorem and Around" and an introduction to mathematical logic.

In French : La logique pour les nuls : pdf - html archive

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence lecture notes
Oliver Deiser (School of Education, Technische Universität München): logic and sets - books in German
Lance Fortnow survey talks on complexity
Logic in Hebrew

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