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Wikipedia : Proof assistant (comparison table) - Automated theorem proving (with also a comparison table)
Some links to logic software
Educational Logic Software by the Committee of Logical Education of ASL
Announcement for web programmers that may be available for a new project : I have defined this project (and had a few programmers some time ago, who did something and then stopped), and could usually convice people interested in economics to whom I had the opportunity to explain its purposes for at least 1 hour, that this is the right project to change the world. But I did not have such an opportunity with web programmers, that are usually too busy to pay any significant attention, and/or don't want to understand anything else than lines of code − as, contrary to what most people want to believe, the originality and specificity of these new concepts cannot be understood in 2 minutes by referring to what already exists with similar purposes. So if you can do web programming and be interested to make a meaningful work on an economic and political level, you can be interested with my project. Just contact me after having a look there to ask for further explanations, thanks !


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