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Warning !
Psychiatrists are completely mad

Sick people suffering Psychiatropathy
They see fools everywhere but heal few,
massively destroy lives for industrial profit.
Since they managed Nazi camps they did not change.
Incredible ? What can stop them if you won't believe it ?


Why do so many people assume that psychiatry is proper science ?

Because they are usually not informed of how psychiatrists would see and treat them if they stumbled on them.
And, by the same kind of social conditioning described in the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes : as institutions are assumed to represent science, and any disbelief in psychiatry is diagnosed as pathological and needs urgent treatment...

Ok, SOMETIMES there are people who were really helped by psychiatry. Well, so what ? So many people "witness the truth" of something that changed their life for the better, be it Christianity, Mormonism, Scientology, or any other religion or sect. Anything is possible. This does not make any of these a science, as the positive (fortunate) aspect of a personal experience is no true indication of wisdom or universality of the path followed that "should" be applicable and helpful to all, even if so many people naively imagine so. The problem is, they blindly generalize from their positive experience, making others feel stupid or guilty if they don't follow, but, just like with those other religions or sects, these "nice witnesses" take NO RESPONSIBILITY of any disaster that may result from their "kind and wise" advice, dismissing any such report as any kind of bad luck with a few bad apples and so on.

A justice problem

And this is what shocks me the most in all this stuff : it is a huge gap in our justice system - strongly related with the failure of psychiatry to satisfy a famous criterion of scientificity. That psychiatrists and pharmaceutical industries remain so completely irresponsible (judicially immune) with respect to all the disasters they commit. And even if some psychiatrists may be somehow good, why are they not shocked at the sight of these horrors and this immunity of their peers ? Do they have no political conscience or what ? How can they tolerate to belong to a corporation that commits these things ? What can be the sense of expecting people to trust any psychiatrist, even if it sometimes happens to have good effects, as long as in the name of this nice invitation and the positive consequences that may happen to some, so many other lives are destroyed and nobody is sued ? Isn't this completely mad to expect anyone to take such a system seriously ?
However, the psychiatrist who actually spoiled my brain had been warmly recommended by someone who saw him as very nice...

It does not qualify as a science

For something to be qualified as a science, its claims have to be falsifiable, i.e. it must be able to acknowledge when it makes any mistakes. But psychiatrists never acknowledge their mistakes. Instead, they diagnose any disagreement with their views as a mental illness. Okay, this remark needs more details and explanations. This is why you should visit other sites as linked below, where tons of details on the non-scientificity of psychiatry were exposed by others.

Am I losing my nerves and reason when using so big words ?

You may mistake me for whoever you like, however you can't change the fact I know - and those who know me know it too - that I am extremely rational, objective, unbiased and very wise and skilled at truth discernment in my positions, naturally trusting people and authorities, and unable to suspect anyone of anything --- unless forced to do so by overwhelming evidence. And this rationality and natural eagerness to trust and expect wisdom in others, is precisely the reason why I was victim of psychiatrists (and not only of psychiatrists...) : I could not expect them to possibly be as mad as they actually were.

There is actually a cure from, at least, drug damage

I am myself a victim of psychiatry. I included a brief mention of my own experience in the second part of my presentation video (text version) - but more details are only in French.

I thought the brain damage I got from that shit was beyond repair, as it lasted many years but finally I got a solution described there. (I can try to help if people in Europe ask me...)

Another testimony

As I had written a page in French against psychiatry long ago, I once got this testimony by email (April 2013, added there in French, here translated):

 I have read your text about psychiatry and "schizophrenia" that was diagnosed to you.

To be very brief about my life, here is some information: ENS *** in mathematics, (...) Master (...). My mother is hospital psychiatrist. I count at least 10 psychiatric hospitalizations in my family (so there are more ...). Including 4 on me before and after ENS ... As you can imagine, it's a bit complicated to have a crazy hospitalizing mother, obsessed with intelligence, the gifted and schizophrenics. (...)
Furthermore, 1 child, a wife. Who were brutally confronted with this world when my mother, based on my kid and an unemployment situation, while deciding to visit me, decided to detain me again for the fourth and hopefully final time. (...)

What you have experienced is but the norm. I know of other cases similar to yours and mine.
This latter observation is the one leading me to suggest you to organize against this world. (...)
I am 100% rationalist. I share some of your political views (from what I've read) although this is an area that interests me very little. (Let's say I became a misanthrope, except about my family and the diagnosed schizophrenic ... others may die mouth open...)
I have absolutely no desire to play the prophets and put texts on the Web, and I would be grateful for doing nothing in my name.
As you may have noticed by being repeatedly called mentally ill, this is a delicate subject. For me it is now my life: Psychiatry Hospital is a trap from which it is impossible to escape.

My goal now indeed is to help people who suffer from such situations. You had a taste of the pills. The pills have shattered me, but okay, and that's nothing compared to the fact that people can decide on a whim that "ah duh! What about hospitalizing Son! He is a little too rational this morning". Such situations happen too often. (...)

I think [skeptics] are unaware how much psychiatrists see them as morbidly rational. I just expect a nice event to fall on the corner of their mouth. For fun. Nothing against skeptics from my point of view, however; except a waste of time ...

As I answered "I put more hope in the idea that one day there will finally be programmers who will be the development of my software project that will result in an overall political revolution, which not only will much more effectively help to deal with this problem but many other problems of all kinds."

I do not criticize other's projects.
But from a medical point of view, I must confirm that this paragraph makes you a schizophrenic. This is the medical point of view. As for mine, I just know, like any good math student, when a definition is not operational, it is necessary to adapt the definition to make something more elegantly manageable for a demonstration. Roughly: "schizophrenic" does not mean much.
But now that you are categorized as such and given that you are in refusal of care, I think you should feel still affected by the 2011 law that allows medical professionals to impose outpatient treatment under penalty of hospitalization. I suggest you pay attention to your back, and above all to cultivate good relationships with your family. I do not know your situation, but I know certain institutional mechanisms and their dynamics. It's a scary world. Watch out.

Is this scientology propaganda ?

A very insane but widespread fallacy is to focus on the very loud anti-psychiatry campaigns by Scientology, to conclude that opposition to psychiatry is mere propaganda from scientology, to be confused with all the sayings of diverse "alternative" therapists opposing modern medicine.
Sorry, what argument for the validity of psychiatry is this ? If any people that you may consider to be wrong, no matter how wrong and for what reason, said that the Earth is round, would it suffice to make it flat ? So if scientologists say that psychiatry is totalitarian pseudo-science, does it suffice to make psychiatry a good and genuine science ?
The horrors of psychiatry were observed and experienced by many people, not only by Scientologists.
By dismissing anti-psychiatry as mere scientology propaganda, defenders of psychiatry are in fact indirectly serving the interests of Scientology, making things look as if Scientologists were the only people sane enough to be aware of this horror and having the courage to speak against it... So, people should take refuge in Scientology if they want an alternative and the truth be said about that horror.
No, please, please, stop feeding that absurd game.
Scientologists are not the "only lucid and courageous people" fighting against that beast. Not at all. And please don't let them either be so nor be mistaken as such. Network Against Psychiatric Assault (former "Occupy Psychiatry") - gathers the following groups:
The Antipsychiatry Coalition (with versions in several languages)
Swedish Psychiatry
National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy
WNUSP (World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry)
European Network of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (whose owner is allied with scientology) provides data and documents on psychiatrists - and also cartoons
Say No to Psychiatry site archive
Psychiatric drugs facts by Peter R. Breggin
Crime and Fraud in the Mental Health Industry
See Psychiatry Anti-Psychiatry Re-Visited. writings by Dr David Cooper
Wikipedia article
International Association Against Psychiatric Assault
Dr Harold Mandel, focusing On Human Rights & Natural Health Care
Scientific misconduct blog
Blue Panthers Party blog
The psychiatric drug racket is now offline (with many links) - similar content is now on The Opal Project
Free Psychiatric News
How Everyone Became Depressed (The diagnosis of depression is totally out of control!) (Blog)
OUTLAW PSYCHIATRY NOW ! archive of blog (feb. 2015)
Psychiatric Abuse UK
Archive of a site about health and wellness archive
The Critical Psychiatry website (with many links).
Successful Schizophrenia (with many links).
Critical psychiatry
Revealing quotes on the goals of psychiatry and psychology
Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice
Welcome to
Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems
Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look
An International Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry
Surviving Antidepressants online forum
The Mental Health Alliance
International Critical Psychiatry Network (ICPN)
Interferon Treatment Side Effects
ICSPP~ for Empathic Human Sciences and Services
Psychiatric Drug Effects
Canadian Mental Health Association
RxISK is a free, independent website where you can research prescription drugs and report a drug side effect
Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts

Classics in the History of Psychology -- Szasz (1960)

TRANSTHERAPY new ideas and old values in psychotherapy
Mental health stigma
stop forced drugging new zealand SFD
Death from Ritalin - The Truth Behind ADHD
David Carmichael
Electroboy - fighting depression, bipolar disorder and mental illness
Quackwatch - Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions -
Beyond the Psychiatric  Box
Dr. David Healy blog. Data based medicine to report adverse effects of prescription drugs.. Pharmageddon is the story of a tragedy : Paxil Withdrawal Information
Drug Dangers | The Authority on Drug Interactions & Side Effects
A Critique of Psychology and Psychotherapy in Social Life
ISEPP: The International Society for Ethical Psychology & Psychiatry
Ending Harm from Psychiatric Diagnosis - The Harm Suffered by Many because of a Psychiatric Diagnosis is a Well-Kept Secret
Healthy Skepticism
Beyond Survival: The Schizophrenia Myth

Mad in america (only a reformist movement)
The Icarus Project "envisions a new culture and language that resonates with our actual experiences of 'mental illness' (...) We believe these experiences are mad gifts needing cultivation and care, rather than diseases or disorders.(...)"
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death documentary film


Collection of 4,800+ news stories involving antidepressants

Are Antipsychotics Beneficial? introduction to the work of Robert Whitaker
Psychiatry articles at; archives of old articles: Psychiatry: An Agency of Torture and Death ; Psychiatry Is Garbage Science: Study Demonstrates Fraudulence of Claims
Experts Defining Mental Disorders Are Linked to Drug Firms (Washington Post) -Study Finds a Link of Drug Makers to Psychiatrists (NY Times)
Kingsley Hall: RD Laing's experiment in anti-psychiatry
Silencing psychiatric survivors
“Alexis, Lanza, Holmes and the Psychiatric State” by Jon Rappoport

Joseph Stack: "Yet at the same time, the joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies, are murdering tens of thousands of people a year and stealing from the corpses and victims they cripple, and this country’s leaders don’t see this as important as bailing out a few of their vile, rich cronies. Yet, the political “representatives” (thieves, liars, and self-serving scumbags is far more accurate) have endless time to sit around for year after year and debate the state of the “terrible health care problem”. It’s clear they see no crisis as long as the dead people don’t get in the way of their corporate profits rolling in."

Saving normal : an insider's revolt against out-of-control psychiatric diagnosis
Diagnosis from a Psychiatric Patient’s Point of View
Are The Side Effects Of Antidepressants Worse Than The Symptoms Of Depression?
Psychiatry's New Diagnostic Manual: "Don't Buy It. Don't Use It. Don't Teach It." by Allen Frances
Don't Let Your Child See A Psychiatrist, Ever
Psychiatry is a fake science, a FRAUD; Schizophrenia is a fake disease.
The fake doctors
Alan Turing's pardon is wrong (This mathematician was spared jail and ordered to undergo an experimental hormone therapy for homosexual urges)
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Psychiatric internment as a political device (wikipédia)
Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union
On Cuban Psychiatric Abuse
Psychiatric abuse claim in Russia (BBC NEWS)
Short history of the psychiatric abuse in Soviet Union and Romania
Is Psychiatry Scientific and Dangerous? (Dr. James Howenstine)
Dr.Breggin rides again: the dangers of psychiatric drugs
Psychology and psychiatry --- so dangerous because they stand as competing authorities with the Bible
Dangers of Psychiatry (a href="">other url: Are Psychiatric Disorders Really Diseases?)
The Last Psychiatrist: How Dangerous Is Academic Psychiatry?
Psychiatry and political-institutional abuse from the historical perspective: The ethical lessons of the Nuremberg Trial on their 60th anniversary
Internees in Poland: psychiatric abuse claim.
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Who has had their life ruined by psychiatric medications only to be sicker than they ever were before starting?
Ruined by psychiatry, struggling to go on (forum)
How Psychiatric Medications Ruined Me. (forum) 
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permanent brain damage caused by psychiatry
Electro-Shock Therapy Caused Brain Damage - Psychiatrist Ordered To Pay $635,000 in Damages PSYCHIATRIC INFORMATION Archive
Joanna Moncrieff | Books, papers and blogs by Joanna Moncrieff
The Fraud and Damage of Psychiatry & Psychotropic Drugs
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Normality and illness judgments
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The History of Shock Therapy in Psychiatry
HISTORY OF THE FRAUD OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY : More Quotations : quotations gallery
Can psychiatry be a science?
Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America
Prescribed Addiction, Face the Facts - BBC Radio 4
Pharmaceutical Scandal in Britain Sheds Disturbing New Light on Benzodiazepines
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Higher Penalties for Big Pharma: Data Destruction Alleged
Consumer Information on Drug Safety and More!
Health news and tips
Critical Psychiatry Network (wikipédia)
Le DSM : une cash machine pour l’industrie pharmaceutique !
Loren R. Mosher: Schizophrenia Without Antipsychotic Drugs (archive)
Books, papers and blogs by Joanna Moncrieff
The Myth of the Chemical Cure
The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs
Schizophrenia: a scientific delusion?
The problem with diagnosis
Madness Explained. Psychosis and Human Nature
Diagnosis: uncertain  (
Beyond categorical diagnostics in psychiatry: Scientific and medicolegal implications
James Davies's top 10 psychiatry critiques
Unit 731 Japanese Torture & Human Medical Experiments  (vidéos)
FDA's Own Scientists Describe - Intimidation Of Big Pharma
The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills
The Stealth ECT Psychiatrist in Psychiatric Reform (
International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE)
Roaccutane /Accutane Label History
Consumer Health Articles: PROZAC: PANACEA OR POISON?
The Cure That Kills
The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs
Electro Convulsive Therapy
Yale-Lilly Experiment: Adolescents Rx Toxic Drug for Presumed Mental Illness They Do Not Have (Alliance for Human Research Protection)
The Dark Side of Psychiatric Drugs
Articles critical of psychiatry
Common sleep, anxiety pills fuel Alzheimer's: study
Why are our toddlers being prescribed antipsychotic drugs?
Suicide & Death Can Lurk In Each SSRI Pill
The Involuntary Treatment Abolitionist Manifesto
Chipmunkapublishing, the mental health publisher : publications written by people with mental health issues, to "raise awareness of mental health and the stigma surrounding mental health problems by encouraging society to listen"
Soul in Exile: Schizophrenia, Jung & a Psychiatric Evaluation of Psychiatry
Schizophrenia and Psychology - seen through the Eyes of the Lamb
RAPE OF THE MIND - Joost A. M. Meerloo
Appreciating the politics of psychiatry (
The unbroken power of psychiatry as seen through the eyes of Michel Foucault
Power and psychiatry
Recovering from Psychiatry
The Bitter Pill | The Official Blog of UNITE –
No proof mental illness rooted in biology
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The Critical Psychology Project: Transforming Society and Transforming Psychology
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It's Time to Stop Permitting Abuse
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Mary Riddell: It's not only Frank (
Review - Law, Liberty, and Psychiatry - Mental Health
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Fake AZ psychiatrist Yvette Araujo has history of outrageous scams

The Royal College of Psychiatrists - Psychiatry beyond the current paradigm

Chinese political dissident tortured in psychiatric ward with 54 electroshock treatments spurs nationwide protests
Psychiatry's New Schizophrenia Test. More Fake Science
Psychiatrists | CCHR International


Psychiatry the dangerous pseudoscience
A Psychiatrist Destroyed my life in just 21 days with Drugs, Rape and phony diagnosis.
The Illegality of Psychiatric Imprisonment, Forced Drugging and Forced Electroshock in the U.S.
The Power of Psychiatric Diagnosis
Abuse In Psychiatry: The Truth
Psychiatry, actually a dangerous pseudoscience

Books in English

Psychiatric fraud book in pdf
The Great Psychiatry Scam: One Shrink's Personal Journey
Talking Back to Psychiatry: The Psychiatric Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient Movement
The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease
Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology
Psychiatric Drugs, Psychiatric Drugging, Psychotropics, Side-Effects and Brain Damage
Nazi Practices & Psychiatry - Ideological & Practical Similarities
Electric Shock Treatment, aka ECT, Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy, Brain Surgery (Lobotomy)
Clinical Psychiatry in Imperial Germany: A History of Psychiatric Practice
The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment

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Was die private Zusatzkrankenversicherung leistet

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La orden de protección psiquiátrica para el "paciente mental maltratado"
Violación de límites y abusos
Historia de la antipsiquiatria
Las  Drogas Psiquiátricas provocan Violencia y Muerte
Psiquiatría represiva en la Unión Soviética  (wikipédia)
Abusos de la Psiquiatria
Denuncia por abuso psiquiátrico o daño causado por un fármaco psiquiátrico.
Denuncian ante CIDH tortura y abusos en psiquiátricos de México
Avariciafarmaceutica: Denuncia un abuso psiquiátrico o un daño causado por un fármaco psiquiátrico
Abuso psiquiátrico con agresiones y torturas
Comisión Ciudadana de Derechos Humanos: investigando y denunciando las prácticas dañinas de la psiquiatría y sus abusos de los derechos humanos desde 1969..

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