Set theory and Foundations of Mathematics

1. First foundations of mathematics
 2. Set theory (continued)
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2.1. Tuples, families
Conditional connective
Structures and binders
Extensional defi nition of sets
2.2. Boolean operators on families of sets Union of a family of sets
Other operators
2.3. Products, graphs and composition Finite product
Sum or disjoint union
Composition, restriction, graph of a function
Direct image, inverse image
2.4. Uniqueness quantifiers, functional graphs Definitions of the uniqueness quantifiers
Translating operators into predicates
Conditional operator
Functional graphs
2.5. The powerset axiom Need of additional primitive symbols
Cantor Theorem
2.6. Injectivity and inversion Injections
Properties of injectivity, surjectivity,
composition and inversion
2.7. Properties of binary relations on a set ;
ordered sets
Properties of binary relations
Strict order, total order
Monotone and antitone functions
Order on sets of functions
2.8. Canonical bijections Notion of canonical bijection
Sum of sets, sum of functions
Product of functions or recurrying
2.9. Equivalence relations and partitions Indexed partitions
Equivalence relation defined by a function
Partition, canonical surjection
Order quotient of a preorder
2.10. Axiom of choice 6 simply equivalent formulations
2.11. Notion of Galois connection

(basic properties ; see text Galois connections
for more developments)
Fixed points; idempotence
Notion of Galois connection
General example
3. Model theory
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